Since 1980.


is a traditional [artisan] trade with its roots in the design and assembly of metal parts, sometimes complex, to secure buildings. At one time in France and England, the locksmith was better known as the one who designed and assembled locks with his own keys… and the one who secured a building with door hardware.

In the early 1970s, the trade attracted Gerry Boucher who started out and learned on the Ottawa side at McEvoy Lock, Ottawa Lock and Chubb Safes. He was quickly esteemed by his mentors for his thoroughness and resourcefulness. Already, He was demonstrating an eye for detail and precision.

In the 1970s, few French-speaking and bilingual locksmiths served the Outaouais and the National Capital regions. There was a need to serve the region in French.

In 1980, Serrure Outaouais inc. is founded and Mr. Boucher starts with only the mobile locksmith service.

The logo represents the different traditional facets of security and locksmithing by symbols known today: the lions guard with keys connected to the padlock, with a keyhole, by chains securing a safe combination. Lions represent strength and security in French and English cultures – as they do in both cultures on the Ottawa River. The elements of the logo come together in the traditional form of the coat of arms and thus demonstrate the noble values of the profession – strength and security – conveyed by Serrure Outaouais.

Mr. Boucher is recognized for having a reputation for being passionate about all things locksmithing and a worker concerned with the quality of the service and the products he provides to his customers. Over the years, he has passed on his know-how to employees who join in to serve the growing demand of his loyal clientele. His three sons take a liking to the profession and share the father’s passion. They go through an apprenticeship with the master locksmith at different times as well as other employees who join the team.

In 1989, the company opened its first and only store still located at 355 Gréber Boulevard in Gatineau. This gives customers access to a variety of locksmith products, door hardware and safes – and counter service.

Today, the ”his-story” of locksmithing continues with the sons surrounded with their loyal and experienced team.


Our staff are certified in the brands we sell [Abloy, Medeco, etc.]. It is trained for the Service and develops new, more efficient techniques.

Our team members are recognized and certified by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée.


We are able to respond effectively to all your locksmith and security needs