Often times, at home and with the shed, at the office, at the business, at the apartment building or even at the school, you end up with a different key for each of your locks. How can you reduce the number of keys to work for several locks [and some padlocks]?

First, to assess if your locks are of the same keyway, try to fit each of your keys into the other locks, handles, and padlocks. The key that you will try in another lock can enter without necessarily being able to turn. This will let you know that there is a possibility that these locks could work on the same key.

Note which locks have keys of the same keyway [same type of key] and the brand [stamped into the metal of the lock or key]. With these notes and even photos of your keys and your locks, come to the store so that we can see with you if keying is possible. We can also show you the safest options if you need to increase security and, if necessary, if you need to change any part of your locks that are not compatible, of the same kind.

Then, you can make a decision to change the key [keying]. We can do the keying in the store workshop or on-site with our mobile service.